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Our latest venture is a 12-month trip round the world, beginning in Central America. We hope to add more stunning images to our portfolio as we go.

Outdoormadness Photography is an almost husband and wife team, made up of her talent and his camera.

We are a couple of outdoor enthusiasts who love to take beautiful photographs everywhere we go, whether we are climbing, travelling, or just out for a wander.

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Contacting Us

You can get hold of us at:

Even if we are travelling, we will try to get back to you within a few days.

A little about the site

The site at is all our own work, however, in a bid to give you the opportunity to hang whichever of our images you fancy on your living room wall we have teamed up with Our gallery with all of our albums is hosted there, and you can either click “Gallery” at the bottom of any page, or go directly to any album from our home page.

The photobox service allows you to purchase any quantity of images at practically any size you can imagine, and includes options to print on canvas for stunning visual impact, or on to t-shirts, mugs etc...

Business Customers

If you are from an organisation or company and are interested in any prints, feel free to use the same service as private customers, at the same great prices. Should you, however, wish to reproduce any of our work for media use, for sale or for promotional material please contact us.

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