Advertise with Outdoormadness

Advertise with Outdoormadness

We recognise the importance of getting your brand in front of as large an audience as possible, and really target those that matter.

As travellers ourselves, we only serve adverts or content relevant to other travellers.

We offer two ways to promote your product or service:

1) Direct advertising with image or text ads served with specific articles relevant to you. Cost, duration, and placement of these ads can be negotiated on an individual basis.

2) Reviews of your product or service, from firsthand experience by us, the Outdoormadness Team. Reviews will include images, which can be our own or provided by you, and links, which can be to any webpage you wish, and come from keyword-rich text rather than just your domain name if you prefer. This advertising is provided Free Of Charge, in exchange for the product or service that you wish us to review.

We far prefer reviews as a style of advertising, as it works for everyone: The readers, generally other travellers, get an in-depth look at what you offer, and can come to you with the confidence that it has been tried, tested and recommended by other travellers. You get your brand in front of our readership, with the kind of detail you would associate with print publications.

Additionally, paid advertising is normally time-based, but our reviews will remain live for the lifetime of the site, and as our portfolio grows, so too will our readership, and the number of potential customers for you. If you browse our site you will come across a large number of articles specifically reviewing one product or service. Feel free to contact us if we can be of service.

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