Yummy, Yummy Chocolate

We walked with big packs to La Iguana Chocolate farm, through the pouring rain. We arrived as two wet, sweaty messes, and, we’re welcomed in by the family, despite the aforementioned dampness and sweat! Juan-Lewis, the father, showed us to our accomodation – in a treehouse!


The work has been mostly indoors because of the rain. Mainly it has involved making chocolate. We have done everything from roasting the beans, shelling, grinding, grinding again, mixing, pressing, and, of course, eating! The mint and the vanilla flavours were the most popular, with pineapple and coconut a clost third and fourth.

We have met a wide variety of individuals from all over the world, the strangest of whom is Christian, a Romanian-born American who gave up his $300,000 salary to be a natural healer, travelling the world.

When the time came to leave it proved difficult as the constant rain had made parts of the road impassable by bus. We had to get a lift in a friend’s truck to get to where the bus was. It reversed 3 miles up a narrow, unpaved, twisty track to get us, then began its gnarly journey to Puriscal, often with bits of wheel hanging over the cliff.

We headed for Puerto Viejo on the Carribbean coast, and our luck with busses continued – The coast road to Purto Viejo is quite bumpy, and the bus rocks wildly from side to side. It got so bad at one point that all the locals jumped from one side to the other to try and balance it out. We sat in the back seats holding on for grim death. Having finally arrived, we now have beatiful sunshine, golden beaches, black beaches, hammocks, hot showers, and even the sea is warm. :)

Pura Vida!

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  1. Paul McCullough says:

    Keep up the good work guys! Everyone at the BAC is routing for you both! Great photos and blog btw! Exclamation marks! !!!!!!!

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