Week 1

Antony and his family have looked after us amazingly well while we have been in San Jeronimo. The food they produce is fantastic, and always made with fresh ingredients. Drinks are in the form of get some fruit from the vast stock in the kitchen, squeeze it, drink…

Antony has been kind enough to take us in to San Jose and show us around a little, after which we explored all sorts of dodgy areas without realising we shouldn´t have been.

We wondered around trying to exude confidence, look less white and less ginger. It didn’t really work. We both had skin that reflected more light than a mirror and read heads don’t exist in Central America. Or if they do they all live together in a Commune somewhere. This resulted in us being stared, pointed, gawped and giggled at by small children and adults alike.

Having not been mugged for the first 5 minutes we decided to test our luck in the central market. The noise was incredible as was the array of colours, smells and variety of produce. Chicken feet? No problem. Mango the size of your head? Certainly. A cage full of live chicks? Cheep at twice the price! A travel plug adapter for people who brought the wrong one? Not a chance.

We’ve also been for a few walks around the countryside, with much appreciated advice from Anto and his family, often in the form of “take this knife. You’ll need it for the dogs”! The jungle is an amazing place, and the thunderstorms in Costa Rica are something else.

Also, an epic night out was had, but that’s a story for another day…

Chrisie and Richard

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  1. Jane Corbett says:

    WOW, been reading your blog, exciting start to the adventure, one thinks it can only get easier from here on in. Who knows! all the very best, regularly following you -look forward to future updates, take care, The Corbettos xxxxxxxxx

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